Tony Cress

Chief Explore Officer

Our love of offroading began some 20 years ago when we bought our first 4-wheeler. Over the years we’ve explored many of the local trails and mud holes, along with family and friends. We have gained countless memories and friends that we will cherish forever. As the popularity of side by sides grew over the years, we continued to hold old on to our 4-wheelers. We’ve known for some time that we wanted to try new things, but we couldn’t decide between a side by side or a Jeep. In January of 2019, we made the decision to purchase a Jeep. As you can imagine, we now have a severe case of Jeep fever. Our eyes were almost immediately opened to a new, big, awesome world of adventure.

At Bats Offroad, we’re all about getting out, exploring, overlanding, camping and just having fun outdoors as we explore the roads less traveled in our Jeep Wrangler and Jeep Gladiator. Our goal is to inspire you, the same way others have inspired us, to get out and explore the beauty this big old world has to offer. So, if you share some of the same interests, we invite you to follow along with us on this journey.

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